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 7590363962_97820fc76d_zThe Brainstorm

Literally, a mess inside your mind that must come out. It looks different for everyone, but is necessary for any type of output. Whether it is sitting down to write a personal narrative, creating a piece of artwork or even planning out a presentation, the messy junction of what we already know, what we’ve learned, how we’ve evolved and how we will show it must come out! My mess is laid out before you. Here are my initial thoughts on how to update my presentation in a post I called Presentation Facelift. I believe the initial presentation is actually my brainstorming and partnered with the notes on what story I wanted to share the second presentation was born.  I am open to feedback both positive and constructive.

Enjoy my journey.


Presentation Zen, before Course 3, before I had any confidence in presenting something that I feel strongly about… well, this is what I came up with. It’s NOT particularly engaging, NOT eye catching or thought provoking. It is content and text heavy and isn’t something I was passionate to share. It was something I wanted to teach to my audience.


reading, watching and reflecting on Course 3 materials I made some significant changes. These changes more visibly occurred with the outcome of my presentation redesign, but the changes also happened in my perspective; a shift in my thinking occurred. It hit me… it’s not about delivering content, instead it’s about creating a desire to take action.

I checked out Garr Reynolds’ Presentation Zen. I felt motivated and inspired to tell a story, to share more of the why behind this topic of capturing student thinking. I shifted my focus away from teaching the content with the intent to move and inspire my audience to take action. If I have the power to motivate and inspire, why not take my own advice and give it a go?! If this presentation is engaging enough, if I spark some curiosity within my audience, then they will go out and seek the content on their own or contact me with questions (even better because I may even make some lasting connections!). I get more bang for my buck by presenting something that may actually stick with my on-lookers, activating their minds as opposed to allowing them to sit passively and intake information. I tried to be relevant, engaging, concise and choose images that spoke to my message. I worked to streamline and communicate the message that we must share our students’ voices. It is less about how to do this, although I save a couple of examples to get people started, but it is more about why we should be empowering our students to record and share their thinking.

I took the advice from this video. I cut out a lot of the information. I made detailed notes of what I would say.  I focused my attention on the most important pieces I wanted to share and saved the detail information or resources needed for a handout. If given the opportunity to present this, that would be my next step. For now, the engaging visuals and passion in the words I would share are enough and have grown a confidence inside me.

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  1. Kim Cofino says:

    I love it! The revised presentation is so visually stimulating – and I know your message will come across when you speak because you’ve planned it out so well. Do you ever use presenter notes? I don’t love them because then I rely on them to much, but I do use them when I’m planning. And then I can even practice a bit while I’m waiting to begin because they’re right there!

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